4 years in Crypto!

Tim Pace
5 min readNov 11, 2021

Well I have officially been in the crypto game for 4 years today. I think. I can’t remember the exact date but I know it was before my brother’s birthday on the 19th. So what have I learned and accomplished in these 4 years? I have learned how to earn income on my own. I still work a 9–5 but even with the slow down my side hustle has gotten me through the hard times. All thanks to cryptocurrency. An entirely new economy of opportunity. The market cap for the entire (tracked) crypto market is around 3 trillion dollars and with that influx of capital comes opportunity. We are all here because of that opportunity.

I have gone from a troll fresh on the crypto scene to a pretty knowledgeable trader and cryptocurrency expert. I would not say I am an expert like Vitalik Buterin or Ash Roulston, but I will say that my family and friends think I am an expert lol. I have really been focusing on learning the ropes as far as being a trader is concerned and I have absolutely learned a lot. I have even started my own trading course with over 40 videos covering everything from trading CME gaps to understanding how the chart works. Pretty much everything a noob would need to understand how to read a chart properly. All thanks to this new market.

On top of teaching I have been a top listed trader on a big trading site. I was the #1 listed analyst for ages. It really helped me grow my reputation which leads me to the next point. I have managed to keep my reputation re;atively clean. Free from the BS that typically grabs influencers across the space. Money. And lots of it. These influencers take the payment and push BS into their followers’ faces. They pay the price for it. You only get one reputation and if you ruin it in crypto you don’t get another chance. It’s not a Nintendo game. I really try my best to remain honest in my comments and opinions as I am pretty loud on social media. But I definitely keep it focused on business with my analysis.

Speaking of analysis, I have officially been writing daily analysis for a long time. I don’t even know exactly how long at this point but I know I began In 2019 on April fools day because we got a surprise pump that day and I almost thought someone was messing with me. Over the last few years I have amassed a decent following. On Facebook and Youtube along with my friends in the groups I moderator I have a reach of well over a million people. I keep going because of the people that follow me. I even had times I wanted to quit. I almost did once. But my friends and followers messaged…

Tim Pace