Well I have officially been in the crypto game for 4 years today. I think. I can’t remember the exact date but I know it was before my brother’s birthday on the 19th. So what have I learned and accomplished in these 4 years? I have learned how to earn…

Written by: Tim Pace 2–10–2021

Hey everyone and welcome to the mind of Tim Pace. Today I want to discuss cryptocurrency security. Yes I know its not as flashy as profit and trading and lambos etc but cmon guys and gals. Lets get serious. The internet is a fantastic invention…

Does Bitcoin have utility?

Bitcoins daily volume today is nearly 100 billion dollars. I remember when the entire market cap was around 50–60 billion. That was 2 years ago believe it or not. What a difference 2 years can make. a 50–60 billion dollar market cap turned into 750 billion.

Some key things I gathered from this bull run.

  1. Dont underestimate the bulls
  2. halvings seem to be a great pumping mechanism. 3 times and 3 pumps. It may take a few months.
  3. The same banks that insulted Bitcoin investors 2 years ago now are recommending Bitcoin and some banks even…

Tim Pace


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