Cryptocurrency and Security. A love story

Tim Pace
6 min readNov 25, 2020

Part #1

I wrote this for my course members but I decided to share it with all of you as well simply because security is so impotant. Especially since Bitcoin started climbing again you know the scammers are out and about. Lets look out for each other. Please read this and add anything you thing I should try to add to this to get across to my clients. I have another writing Im going to do about the subject I just want to ensure I dont overlook anything… Thanks!

Security!! Its SO important

1st thing I need to get across to all of you is I am no computer genius. Im lucky I can charge my laptop let alone speak to any of you about Bitcoin or crypto security. But I have the luxury of having some of the most brilliant people in the world when it comes to a computer at my disposal and they have all mentioned some key things to me about security over the years and I thought I would share some of their knowledge passed through me to you

Okay first and foremost. Email. You need many emails. I have over 4 but less than 10. That may sound like a lot. But listen. You need a regular email. Your run of the mill gmail or whatever. If you want secure encrypted emails go with proton email. Otherwise if you dont care and just want gmail as long as the email in question isnt connected to any accounts. For instance if you have your bank account connected to the same email you give to random internet sites that is a huge issue. If they somehow get your email they can really do some damage.

How do we solve this? Multiple emails. I have gmail. I think of it as keeping up appearances and that is the email I give away to coworkers to my employers to anyone that needs a random email. The gmail I have is like a junk email receptacle. So I dont want to allow my bank ot crypto accounts to be linked to that email. Mainly because if you are handing that email out to everyone chances of it being compromised have increased greatly. I recommend opening multiple emails. I use a proton email address that is unique and all it is connected to is a few exchanges. I use an all together different proton address for my bank acct. This makes it less likely everything you have will be hacked. Use huge passwords. Sentences. I do that. Make it so hard to hack you anyone will rip their hair out before they succeed. Just be thorough. Be smart. Be vigilant.

The multiple emails is a great tip. But there is more you can do to protect yourself…

Tim Pace