How will the known Universe end?

Tim Pace
6 min readApr 3, 2021

I want to talk a bit about the end. Not the end of a life or even the end of the Earth… No much longer than that. I’m talking the end of everything. Will there be that “ultimate end” that we often think about. Well those of us that ponder such things. So let’s think about this in depth and see if logical thoughts can come to a logical conclusion.

How it Began

We can’t really discuss the end without understanding how it all began. I know that we don’t have that HD video of the beginning of the universe. But we can draw conclusions using logic and understanding to come to a logical understanding of how we think it began. We can’t really guarantee that though. But the general consensus is a “big bang” type event that was the catalyst that introduced matter and gravity and all of the other significant forces of nature.

The matter was mostly Hydrogen. It eventually created more and more elements through the magic that occurs inside of the center of Stars. The first stars were likely giant and they created most of the elements that make up you and me and the world and universe as we know it. So it is possible to create gold from iron. But not through any crazy alchemy… But rather through the magic that occurs inside of a star. Elements fuse due to the immense pressure and especially towards the end of the stars life you will see it create even heavier elements. Once it gets to iron it usually is the end of the star. That is why Iron is pretty abundant in the universe. But it takes a lot more pressure to create elements like Gold. Or anything in that level (look at the periodic table)

So you take a bunch of Hydrogen and the forces of nature which are gravity, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and last but not least the electromagnetic force and you get a universe. Pretty simple right? Well let’s also consider the amount of time this took. We have logically dated things to 14 billion years ago approximately. But we have no clue if the universe is actually this old. We know that is the oldest we can see out. Therefore scientists assume that the universe is 14 billion years old. But they have found objects that outdate the age of the universe? Pretty baffling. I’m not talking down about the scientists. I’m just saying we are still figuring things out. So everything is basically assumptions. But like I mentioned earlier, if we stick to logical thinking we can come to logical conclusions. That i’m afraid is the best we can do. Unless you can make a time machine…

Tim Pace