Most Complicated Object in the Universe

Tim Pace
3 min readMar 20, 2021

Space is large. Larger than we can think. And I mean that. Its bigger than anything you or I can come up with… Possibly infinite. With this in mind I think of some of the wonders of the universe. Like the complexities of the human anatomy to the simple nature of a single drop of rain. I often ponder things like this.

The most complicated object that we know of? Any guesses? Is is a mathematical equation of some sort? Possibly a super computer inside of some room that is bigger than a Walmart? Well it neither of these and if you are thinking big you are way off. Its the human brain. This brain is capable of resting 8 hours a day while still keeping your entire body functioning. From breathing to your heart beat are all maintained by the brain. But what else can the brain do? Well for all we do know about the brain it seems that the amount we dont know is still, well a lot…

The brain can create magical dreams where you can do whatever you please or maybe its a bad dream that makes you wake up in a cold sweat. All of this is made possible by your brain. No computer on Earth can do what one human brain can do. That may not always be the case but for now, the human brain is the most complicated object that we know of as a species.

For all the research we have done on the brain we are still in awe of the accomplishments made thanks to this amazing piece of human anatomy. I mean Even something as massive as Jupiter is easier for scientists to understand than 100% of the brain. But as we progress and our knowledge progresses as well will our understanding of the human brain lead us to, well, a mix between computers and Humans? Here me out.

I know everyone has seen the film ‘The Matrix”, and I wont sit here and go over the entire plot, but I will talk about one specific scene involving the main character Neo. He was getting information literally downloaded to his head via a big cord. That may look pretty out of this world but I do believe Elon Musk is working on something very similar. Something that can possibly enhance human knowledge? Something that makes each and everyone of us equally smart. But what are the negatives? Will we lose our personalities?

I do believe education effects who you are as a person and the world is full of people with different amounts of knowledge in their heads. That is what makes us all different. If we all had the same information in our heads what could this lead to? It sounds pretty scary I know… But hey learning Kung fu in a matter of seconds doesnt sound so bad.

I do not want to freak anyone out. Perhaps our transition into computer/human hybrids is inevitable and will lead to us becoming a greater race? Who knows… What I do know is this is an interesting topic. Something as small as a brain. Something as small as a sandwich from that hamburger place is the only thing that we know of that can actually comprehend the universe. After all what is a brain? If you ask me it is simply the universes way to explore itself. A way for the universe to look into its own self. So explore and learn. Lets enjoy this gift we have been given.

Tim Pace